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St. Mary Cemetery
3039 Rattle Run
St. Clair, Michigan

St. Mary's Cemetery has been in existence since the early 1800's with three locations. Our original burial ground is located on Yankee Road between Range Road and M-29, just east of the railroad tracks. This is an inactive cemetery that we maintain. The other two burial grounds are on either side of Rattle Run Road just east of the Pine River. The cemetery is reserved for parishioners and their families. There is availability in the location south of Rattle Run and we expect to develop an additional 80 lots on the north side. We are in the process of developing a columbarium garden for the inurnment of cremains. We currently have two columbarium with the capacity for up to 160 inurnments in each one. Our intent is to have ten such columbariums. The mission of the cemetery board is to provide a place of peace and comfort for all who visit our cemetery. Subsequently we have rules and regulations regarding the upkeep of the grounds, which are distributed to the families at the time of purchase.

Spring Cleanup:  First Saturday in April

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