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St. Mary’s Catholic School recognizes that technology has lead to a transformation of the educational process in many ways.  Information technology has benefited students by providing them an immense wealth of information; improving the style and speed of learning.  For this reason St. Mary’s has integrated technology into many aspects of curriculum.


Today every classroom at St. Mary’s has Smart Board technology and shared student computers. The Smart Board is a highly versatile interactive whiteboard which uses touch detection for user input; the touch screen having the same components as a computer.  This is a great tool to use for interactive lessons with students.


Student computers are used in the classroom to reinforce learning e.g. math, reading, and spelling in the lower grades and for research and investigation in the upper grades.


St. Mary’s also provides students with a 30 seat Computer Lab accommodating weekly group instruction.  In the lab students learn practical computer applications e.g. word processing, building and manipulation of spreadsheets, how to build charts/graphs and the use of presentation and drawing software.  Students also learn computer etiquette, how to do safe and appropriate internet searches, as well as other educational and fun applications of computer technology.

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