Assessment Testing


Each fall students in grades 1 - 5 take the comprehensive IOWA Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) to evaluate individual student strengths and weaknesses. The ITBS are standardized tests provided as a service to schools by the College of Education of the University of Iowa. The tests were originally designed as a tool to improve instruction by schools in Iowa; over decades, participation expanded and now includes school districts across the United States. In a cooperative relationship, participating schools receive ITBS test materials, scoring and reporting services and consultation in the use of ITBS for instructional purposes and the Iowa Testing Program utilizes participation by schools in research and test development.


St. Mary's Catholic School uses the ITBS scores for evaluating curriculum and instruction; to determine the strengths and weaknesses of our academic program and make necessary changes to support continuous improvement in our quest for Academic Excellence.


St. Mary's Catholic School also participates in the AOD Religion Test.  Each year grades 3 and 5 are tested.  Scores from the religion test assist St. Mary's in tracking strenghts and weaknesses and in setting instructional goals.




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