Fine Arts


At St. Mary’s Catholic School we recognized and respect the powerful role that art and the imagination play in our human and spiritual formation.  We also acknowledge that our Creator has bestowed upon each of our students unique gifts or talents; often expressed through a form of art.  With that understanding, St. Mary’s provides an art curriculum that integrates a harmonious balance of “Faith, Reason and Imagination” into all aspects of study and encourages individual creativity.


The basic art curriculum teaches students an appreciation for art as they explore the work and medium of the world’s great artists.  Students are provided guidance and direction as they learn the appropriate use of various media associated with the visual arts.


We are proud that each year St. Mary’s Catholic School is well represented by our student artists at the Beatrice Thornton Student Art Exhibit (St. Clair County Schools) with work exhibited at the St. Clair County Community College and Studio 1219 in Port Huron.

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